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Beth Easton

Hi, I’m Beth.

I coach passionate, talented women, empowering them to lead authentically for greater impact and fulfillment.

Women Leaders Face Unique Challenges

Women leaders often need to engage in an elaborate dance with societal expectations, gender biases, prejudices and double standards as they work to cultivate a leadership style that is true to their values, vision and unique contributions.

We take it on. We work hard. We give it our all. And, at some point, many of us feel that the dance isn’t cutting it anymore. Or worse, that we’re not cutting it anymore.

For you, perhaps you’ve arrived at a point in your career as a leader where what used to work for you and your success no longer does.

Or maybe you’ve achieved important goals or successes you were striving for, and now, like the song, you’re asking: Is that all there is?

Maybe you’ve got too much on your plate, are feeling overwhelmed, worried you’ll burn out, aware you need a better work-life balance.

Or, you simply long to trust yourself more and let a stronger, openhearted and authentic version of yourself fly free!

Yes. Yes. and Yes.

What would become possible for you, your organization, team, community or family if you transformed your leadership journey?

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How Coaching Can Benefit You

Coaching can support you to evolve and more confidently realize your potential as a leader.

You may long for this but not know how it’s possible. You may have tried to step in but didn’t quite get there.

It was this way for most of my clients and me, too. So much can undermine our efforts.

But, I promise you: transforming your leadership journey is possible and will allow you to more effectively give your gifts – those unique contributions that are yours alone to make and that the world needs – especially now.

Let’s connect about the change you long for and how you can realize it.

As your coach and champion, I can help you:

  • embody your whole, beautiful, complex self – confident and aligned with what deeply matters to you and what you choose to serve
  • become better able to take new bold actions and manage uncertainty with greater confidence, ease, and joy
  • become more connected to your inherent wisdom and comfortable using your voice, setting boundaries and feeling a deeper affinity with others and the world

Coaching for Change and Impact 

Hi, I’m Beth.

I’m an International Coaching Federation credentialed leadership coach with over 20 years of executive leadership experience committed to helping create a more just and life-sustaining world. Focused on women’s leadership development, I coach women to embody their wisdom and compassion and lead powerfully.

I’ve done sexual health outreach with women in prisons, evaluated HIV programs at the United Nations, led the mission work for a national cancer charity, sat at board tables with corporate leaders, and became a feral, truth-talking clown on an island in the Canadian north.

These diverse experiences brought me into a deeper relationship with myself, others, and what I long to serve. I learned how showing up more fully as myself is a radical, liberating, and transformative way of being that can allow me to contribute more openheartedly and effectively.

Traversing my various professional and personal transitions taught me how to creatively and courageously engage change and find my way even when it felt like I was Alice tumbling too long and too hard down the rabbit hole of uncertainty.

I’ve discovered how change can be a generative process allowing us to become more fully ourselves by joyfully, soulfully conspiring and evolving into what is possible in us and needed in the world.

The focused growth process that leadership coaching offers is a chance to catch your breath, consolidate, learn and –  I will insist on this for you – celebrate all you are and all that you’re capable of as you develop and apply new strengths and abilities to realize your goals. Coaching also offers the chance to let go, once and for all, of what no longer serves you, stepping forward on your terms into greater service to your commitments and joy.

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