About Me

Meeting the Moment: “Trust the Times You Were Born In”

Once, when I was struggling with how I might contribute more meaningfully, a mentor offered me this startling invitation.

Now, it feels more pressing than ever.

We’re at a critical moment in our evolution, with our world undergoing profound change. In every domain, old ways that don’t serve people or the earth are being challenged. New approaches are being summoned forward and created.

It will take all of us willing and able to step more fully into our whole selves to help create a more just and life-sustaining world and future.

Coaching is a commitment to supporting those who feel called to contribute more powerfully. Whether in your family, community, organization, or business, leading with greater confidence, ease, and joy in service to your commitments is possible.

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What change would you like

to realize to become

more connected

and on purpose?

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My Background

I’m a certified Integral Professional Coach ™ with trauma-informed practice and experience in DEIJB, and bring an intersectional feminist and anti-racism lens to my work. Credentialed as a coach through the International Coaching Federation, I have met the highest coaching training and practice standards and adhere to the profession’s strict professional standards and ethics.

Along with an MA in Education, I have over 20 years of executive leadership experience. Working at grassroots, national and international levels, providing leadership to teams and organizations, contributions have focused on social justice, health, and public policy change in development, the environment, women’s health, AIDS, and cancer.

Training from the Integral Coaching Canada, Strozzi Institute, Positive Intelligence, and Embodiment Unlimited allows me to apply additional knowledge and expertise in human development, somatics and embodiment to the transformational coaching and leadership development I offer.

As a performing artist, active in improv, and trained in theatrical clown, I draw on creative practices to tailor coaching programs to support clients where they are at and in what’s most important to them.

I serve on the International Coaching Federation, Toronto Chapter Board of Directors and lead the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion portfolio. Past Board positions include Environmental Defense, The Community Foundation, and the Manitoulin Center for Creation and Performance. Participating in community organizing, including efforts to increase diversity in local government, fundraising initiatives, and arts festivals, allows me to work collaboratively with my neighbours to help create more resilient and just communities.